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City of Buena Park

Buena Park Senior Center

Our mission is to provide the mature adult population in the community with a diverse offering of recreational, educational, social and human service programs in environments which promote a spirit of dignity and limitless potential for later life enrichment.
Our goals are to enhance the quality of life, nurture talents and skills, foster social interaction, and support independence and self-determination.

Buena Park Recreation Department

It is the philosophy of the Community Services Department that all children who register in our sports program participate in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment with the goal to have fun. Emphasis is placed on skills development rather than winning. We strive to create an atmosphere of cooperation and good sportsmanship.

Centralia School District

The Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC) is a component of the outreach efforts of the  Centralia School District to support families in need. This walk-in center assists parents in applying for Medi-Cal, Medi-Cal for Families, Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan, and California Kids. Information is provided regarding the Cal-Fresh program, Housing, ESL adult classes, information for obtaining a GED certificate, counseling services, recreational classes for children, emergency shelters for homeless/displaced families, food distribution services and low cost medical and dental clinics. Additionally, WIC visits the NRC once a month to provide vouchers for women and infants.

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